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Oct 19 2013

The Calm in the Eye of the Storm

Going back to Los Angeles for a wedding last weekend made it tough to show up in school on Monday.  Honestly, I didn’t want to come back.  However, on Friday before I left for the weekend, one of my students ran up to me (like she always does on Fridays) and asked me if I would be back on Monday. I promised her with all my might that I would most certainly be there on Monday.  When I arrived at school on Monday morning, I was greeted by the largest warmest hug. “You came back!” She exclaimed with genuine surprise. After that I felt energized.

Monday went along rather smoothly, a first grade  teacher really stepped in to guide me with classroom  management.  She even came with me on a home visit after school on Monday.

Tuesday however, was intense. It really showed me how much I’ve grown as a teacher, in that I was able to stay calm and steady despite the shit storm that was happening around me. Carmine and Matthew got into a fight. As I was pulling Carmine off of Matthew, Corinna went into my desk, took out a staple gun and stapled herself, there was blood everywhere.  I had a neighbor teacher watch my class as I ran her to the nurse, called her parents and filled out an incident report. When I returned to the classroom, I sent Carmine to the principal’s office and started teaching math.  As the monitors passed out the homework, Greg had an emotional breakdown. He started sobbing and got up out of his seat and ran up to the chalkboard and started to rip down the anchor charts while banging his head on the wall, sobbing, and screaming “I’m stupid.” I hugged him and sat him down in my chair, instructing the rest of the class to get started on their homework, silently. As I was talking to Greg, a sixth grader escorted Carmine back into my room, apparently the principal had sent him back to class and instead of coming back, he was goofing around in the girls’ room. I turned my attention back to Greg and called the school counselor to help him out a bit, however, when I called her, I learned that she’d left  for the day after dealing with a 4th grader that attempted to  hang herself in the bathroom.  So, needless to  say, this was an eventful week.  I thank G-d that the 9  year old survived her suicide attempt. No 9 year old should ever need out that badly.  I also thank G-d for the clarity to be effective through all of that and helping me keep my kiddos safe.

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  1. NIce work! Glad to hear that it sounds like you had a manageable day :) I’ve had a really busy week but have been wondering how you are doing in my down moments.

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